Q Is For Quackery

QAs recently discussed here and here, the craze for redefining our humanity is picking up steam (I use craze in the proper etymological sense of “crazy”).  One trend is to add a Q to the end of the LGBT acronym.  This is not for the nemesis of the Star Trek Next Generation crew (would that it were), but for Queer or Questioning.  It is sort of an “all other” category.  Consider it another weight added to the soap box racer speeding to the bottom of Humanity Hill – the destination is the same, we just keep going faster.

Last week I heard on the radio that in one of the east coast states (Vermont?  New Hampshire?  I apologize for not remembering the details – I was driving at the time) a young man who doesn’t “identify” as either a man or a woman wants to be referred to as “them” instead of him (or her).  As in, ‘I’m looking for Joe.  Have you seen them?’  Certain authorities there were discussing how to enforce his preference on the rest of us.  I am sympathetic to people who have any kind of “identity crisis” like this.  I’m sure they struggle with challenges that are difficult for me to fully grasp.  The rational (and loving) response is not to require the rest of us to live in their Inception-like dream world, but to help them back into the real one.  With this kind of irrationality, it seems appropriate to end with more silliness.

A fellow renouncing his clan,
Says he’s really a Q, not a man,
And his quaint strategem
Is to be called a them,
While authorities sanction his plan.

So while activists pop their champagne,
The Cro-Magnons like me will complain,
That if nature is feelings
In all of our dealings,
There isn’t a thing called “insane.”

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