Who Has The Resolve?


The latest horrific antics of ISIS have many of us wondering where this conflict will ultimately have its end point.  Jordan’s execution of two prisoners, while satisfying the appetite for immediate reprisal, will likely only result in ISIS upping the ante by taking more hostages and finding more inhumane ways to kill innocents.  Officials have renewed their debates in earnest on how to deal with the unruly Muslim sectarians.  Meanwhile our American leaders continue to avoid addressing or acknowledging the roots of this uncivilized behavior, and end up acting as clumsy apologists offering the “real” interpretation of Islamic belief.  This article highlights the on-going fallacy of the West’s tepid response in addressing ISIS, but more importantly the author raises the question of the West’s moral certitude in the face of crisis.  Whether it is for the cause of righteousness or illicit destruction, certitude of belief weighs heavily on the commitment to triumph for that cause.

Holy Mother Church in her wisdom thought it necessary to repeat the following passage in the Mass readings for Tuesday and Wednesday – Hebrews 4:12 “In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood.”  As in any battle between good and evil, we know that evil has a great resolve to be the victor.  Are we, personally and as a society, willing to have the resolve in battling without reservation against evil in all its forms?

The West’s lack of a united, clear and righteous resolve, and the corresponding lack of ability to articulate “what are we fighting for” does not bode well for us in overcoming this particular embodiment of evil.  Ironically, as Jordan has demonstrated in both deed and word, it may end up that the surrounding Arab countries rise up after facing the stark facts and stomp ISIS into the desert sands.

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