Lux et Veritas?
No ‘Social Justice’ for
Pro-Lifers, Unborn

YaleLogoOver the past two decades I have spent considerable time on a wide variety of college campuses. In that time, I have seen firsthand a steady march away from authentic free inquiry and open debate — away from any concept of Truth in favor of an earthy Progress. So I was more disappointed that surprised to see that students at one of our country’s “great” universities had deemed the campus’s pro-life group unworthy of full membership to the university’s social justice and community service non-profit: Yale Pro-Life Group Rejected by ‘Social Justice’ League.

Perhaps I should be encouraged by the fact that Choose Life at Yale (CLAY) exists at all — but instead, my dismay was deepened by reading one student’s op-ed published in the Yale Daily News, in which the young chair of Yale’s ACLU chapter encouraged others to vote against CLAY.  His personal definition of “social justice” — which includes, in part, “working to provide everyone with the chance to live a full and enriching life” — fails to address, or even to mention, the fundamental question of the relationship of the unborn to “everyone.” His argument, such as it is, boils down to this: if your personal definition of social justice matches mine, then vote with me — no objective standards, no facts to support the arguments against, no consideration of alternative viewpoints. No lux; no veritas.

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  1. Didymus says:

    From the op-ed: “I do not seek to impose my own definition of social justice onto anyone else.” Actually, I’m pretty sure that is exactly what he is doing there as the head of the local ACLU organization. Reminds me of Mozilla’s tortured statement in which they endorse free speech and diversity of opinion while simultaneously firing their CEO for exercising the same. I had Pandora on while I was reading this post, and fittingly the song playing was an old King Crimson one with lyrics “Confusion will be my epitaph, as I crawl a cracked and broken path.” Indeed.

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