Miracles and Science: Perhaps Mother Church Has Its Act Together After All

Recently I was listening to BBC, and during their Heart and Soul program they were playing part 2 of a show about miracles and how they are regarded and proved by the Church, and the role of miracles in declaring saints, of which I only caught maybe half as it was played live.  As I went back and downloaded via iTunes, I expected a heavy dose of skepticism, but honestly the Catholic host was clearly moved by his experience in compiling his story, and the show was generally very positive.

My favorite part may have been the report from the atheist who studied how the Church verifies miracles, marveling at the amount of scientific data required for Her to declare a miracle valid.  She looked at a ton of Vatican documents– she claims that “99 %” of the miracles affirmed by the Church are physical healings.  Makes sense, as an indication that God stands ready to heal our souls as well.

To listen to this, you can find it as an iTunes podcast, search for BBC World Service Heart and Soul Podcast, and download the episodes “Heartsoul: The Power of Miracles” (original title plus “….Part 2”), dated Feb 8 and 14, respectively.  Or click here to visit the BBC site, from which you can play or download.  About 28 minutes each, perfect for your commute.


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