Religious Liberty and the Work of the Christian Law Association

I found a recent Eagle Forum Radio broadcast, entitled “State of Affairs:  Religious Liberty in America,” very interesting.  I think it’s worth a listen.  You can find it on the EFR website and download/listen (53 minutes), or subscribe via iTunes as a podcast.

The guest is Dr. David Gibbs, an attorney who heads up the Christian Law Association.  They have been supporting the legal rights of Christians in America for decades.  I don’t know very much about the organization or Dr. Gibbs, but his knowledge and apparent involvement in many important legal issues regarding religious freedom is impressive.

In the final ten minutes or so, Dr. Gibbs addresses a caller’s question about sharia law, and an expanded discussion about Catholic institutions adversely affected by Obamacare.  I’ve inserted that segment here, just click the player buttons to listen:

Eagle Forum Religious Liberty Cut 1 "Eagle Forum Religious Liberty Cut 1". "Eagle Forum Religious Liberty Cut 1"

The effectiveness of the CLA notwithstanding (again, I’ve only heard this one example), I do take some solace in knowing there is an organization whose mission is helping Christians fight against the growing, practical totalitarianism of the American State.

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