Our Missing Rib, Part 1

Blogger’s Note: This is the first in an irregular series of posts on the differences between the genders in order to spread peace and understanding.

This video was making the rounds on Facebook not long ago. Recognizing that Dove is getting a fair amount of attention (and presumably, free marketing) from this and the related videos, I still think it provides valuable insight for those among us who have wives or daughters.

It’s striking how they focus on the negative, and how complete strangers can provide a more accurate depiction of them than their own eyes, which see them in the mirror every day.

On a lighter (and more humorous) note: this video was making the rounds more recently. If gender differences are fluid and don’t matter, why does this seem so funny and ring so true?

Our ribs have been so far removed from us for so long they seem completely foreign at times…


  1. Spaniard says:

    Ok, the nail thing was pretty funny….

  2. Didymus says:

    Would have been funnier if it didn’t feel so autobiographical.

  3. Joan says:

    Is this a NON-female zone?

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