That’s a Lot of Guns

Saw this article today that claims U.S. citizens own just under half of all privately held guns on earth.  You know what that means – we have a lot of work left to do!  No mention of whether potato guns and pumpkin cannons are included in the numbers.


  1. Timshel says:

    I wonder how much gun violence is committed by gun owners versus illegal or illegitimate gun possessors? Maybe you’re right: what we need is further consolidation of firearms into private hands, y’know, to get them off the streets. I have room to lock up a few more!

    • Didymus says:

      I haven’t read the results of any multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded studies, but am guessing the majority of gangbangers are not getting background checks and complying with mandatory waiting periods.

  2. Spaniard says:

    No doubt we also lead the world in school detentions, what with all our rabid firearm associations: the finger-guns, water guns, soap bubble guns and so forth.

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