Hallmark Moment

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A friend on Facebook posted a brief article from The Weekly Standard on the above tweet from The White House Twitter feed. Good thinking on the part of the POTUS’s crack team of professional Twits. Nothing says, “Thanks, Mom!” like free birth control.


  1. Didymus says:

    It appears the hyper-intelligentsia have evolved beyond irony. That remains the province of us poor primitive plebeians.

  2. Spaniard says:

    It’s always difficult to discern whether this president and his minions are intentionally offensive or simply tone deaf. Over the last four years there is a stream of galling actions that have the effect of rubbing our noses in our beliefs, starting with the “clinging to guns or religious” comment from the first Prez election.

    I wonder what Planned Parenthood is sending out?

  3. Didymus says:

    I believe their collective offensiveness stems at least in part from a different flaw – hubris.

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